Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ladies who Lunch in Stamford!

We heard lots of the same sort of stories from the 4th of July weekend with it's rainy Sunday weather. Folks were determined to get out and about, whether to the Taste of the Catskills event in Delhi, the fireworks in Margaretville, a rainy ride along the Catskill Scenic Trail, or elsewhere.  A delightful group of gals reported in via Betty from the Beaver Spring Lake Campground with this accounting of their day out in Stamford a little later in the week.  This is the kind of laid back charm our village main streets hold for so many..........

Ladies being ladies, a group of my seasonal camping ladies and I like to shop for unique items and are always on the lookout for bargains.  We took the opportunity last Thursday, July 7 to explore a couple of ‘new’ places to us in Stamford; one being a craft store and the other a jewelry and gift shop.  Lunch was also planned.

We first checked out Inspire Me a craft store on Main Street which had opened last September….besides beading and crocheting yarn, gifts and supplies, they have lots of scrap booking and wedding supplies.   After making our purchases, we walked across the street to another interesting store called, ‘Country Chic’ which was tiny, but filled with unique hand-made gifts, bags and jewelry. 

We left our cars parked and walked along the shaded sidewalk to Railroad Avenue to T.P.’s CafĂ© where the seven of us enjoyed a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches in their newly renovated dining area. After getting caught up on everybody’s news and happenings over lunch we decided to duck into Cores Thrift Store and of course, found several bargains. 

We headed back to our ‘homes’ at Beaver Spring Lake Campground and managed to do all this shopping within four hours and used less than one gallon of gas.  Now, that’s a real bargain.

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