Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For every season, turn, turn, turn.......

Ducks sunning on the East Branch of the Delaware.
March.  March madness. Spring skiing. The month before the melt. What can I say? I love the snow, especially when it's deep and fluffy and dry and fun to be out in.  I'm sitting in front of a fire as I write this after a great sunny cold winter day. It's dark later which is so nice as we can be outside after work for a while and enjoy the outdoors. Downstate the snow is melting away in the rain, and folks are already thinking spring. But we don't have to go there - yet.

Why should you come here for a weekend? It's winter with the temperatures a little milder.  It's skiing in a sweater. Hiking without snowshoes. Picnic table lunches in snowpants. Awesome snowman making snow.  Then there are great deals on rooms as we move into the "off-peak" months.  Plattekill is only open weekends so the mountain never gets skied off during the week. There are cool St. Patrick's Day parades. Maple sugaring open houses with pancake breakfasts. BBQ fundraisers for the ski patrol. And auctions. And local music.  And even karaoke. 

If you need a little winter break.... pre spring rejuvenation...  a place to hear only quiet and calmness... then book a room or rent a cabin and escape to bliss in the mountains.