Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Climate Changes Makes for an Interesting Winter

It's half over and nothing is normal.  Warm and sunny. Really cold and windy. No snow accumulations that have lasted. What do we offer the intrepid winter traveler if we don't really have snow??  It's a question all our local businesses have been asking.  But one man's trial is another man's treasure - or so the sentiment goes. 

For hikers this winter has been blissful. No deep snow to trek through or snowshoes to hike with. No frostbitten noses and fingers. Wonderful weather that keeps repeating itself.  We've been staying tuned to the Catskill Mountain Club's website for notes on last minute hikes that folks may be organizing.

The cultural organizations that provide programming throughout the winter and shops that stay open during the "shorter" days have been the beneficiaries of easy driving conditions and folks looking for things to do.  Workshops, writing classes, open jams, movies and music - all have an easier time persuading folks to come on out and engage in their activities - as you can see them on our website's events page.

Tubing at Plattekill has been fun too! The mountain can make the snow on the bunny hill and it doesn't need alot for tubing. Saturday night tubing followed by the great bar scene and now elegant dinners with a locavore bent. 

As with everything, winter is what you make of it. We're happy to ski fewer trails and focus on the pure pleasure of skiing.  We're happy to get out and about a little more than usual and a little farther than usual.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we all share our favorite things this winter.