Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How To Pack For A Catskills Vacation

A few things you may not know, that you need to know, if you want a truly great vacation experience in our neck of the woods.

Bring a light sweater or long sleeves when you go out at night, even if it's been a hot summer day. Our evenings are always cooler than you'd expect. There's a nice breeze - it's a double benefit - it keeps the bugs away.

Hiking in shorts is what most folks think they should wear in the summer. We do it sometimes - but always regret it when we come back scratched up from the wild raspberry and blackberry brambles we encounter along the way. It's all good if you're hiking when the berries are ripening!!

And hiking shoes.  No sneakers please. Our moutains are rocky and there are roots and fallen branches. You need your ankle support. Let's hope you'll never twist an ankle but you need to be able to walk out as cell phones don't have great coverage here and in the Catskill Park.

Don't bring skinny heels, especially if you're coming here for a wedding. They're all held on lawns and ours can be a little "punky" - meaning your heels will sink right in.  Outside of villages, we don't have lots of sidewalks - more along the lines of gravel or stone paths leading to houses. Some events have port-a-johns and, well, it's just easier to go in and out of one in comfy shoes.

So what are we really saying?  It's a relaxed, comfortable, rugged, and quirky kind of place you'll be coming to experience. 

A this tip is just to make sure you experience our country vibe completely. If you're on a slow back road small village street,wave to folks when you drive past them. We do it all the time. Sometimes we know them. Sometimes we don't. But it always makes everyone feel good.

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