Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter, inside and out

Catskill Scenic Trail
I popped into Lucky Dog Farm Store to pick up a sandwich for lunch the other day and met a retired couple that  I had hiked with a few years back.  Lucky for me his memory was better than mine! We had a great chat about hiking in the Catskills and about how some folks absolute LOVE for the winter season.  His body loves cold weather and is uncomfortable in the heat of the summer. I asked if he meant the heat of the summer here and laughed when he said yes.  I find summers incredibly delightful, blissfully cool in the evenings. But I did agree with him on winter. After ten years of being here full time, I have finally found the winter cold enjoyable as well.  Go figure.

What makes someone a winter person?  I'm not sure if my metabolism changed to work better in the cold or if it was more the clothes and tools!!!  Now that we have heat packs for our boots and gloves, high tech super-wicking fabric for long johns, polar fleece, balaclava's, heated handles and seats on snowmobiles and in cars, 4 wheel drive, uber-insulated boots,  there's almost nothing to worry about!!

But if you're looking for things that don't require layers of clothing, yet do provide an inside space - there are lots of fun and healthy things going on during the cold months. 

SUNY Delhi opens their aquatic center, and the mini-dome, which houses their fitness center and tennis courts, to the public during the year.  The hours can vary depending on when school is in session and student related activites - but the facilities are wonderful and a great way to work-out indoors over the winter.

The Roxbury Arts Group holds classes from Yoga to Dance throughout the winter.  Check in with them to see if anything is up and coming.  You may think the West Kortright Centre shuts down during the winter but not so..... They hold workshops too just in other locations. Check into their upcoming book binding workshop.

There are a plethora of local yoga instructors holding classes in churches or community centers - but we're at a loss for an online resource to give you. This is a word of mouth - flyer on the window of a local business - source of information, so ask around.

One of the unknown gems of the winter is the Honest Brook Music Festival's winter series.  Their once a month concerts take place in private homes so you are guaranteed an intimate environment in which to hear wonderful classical music.  

While I used to spend the winter hunkered down and safe from storms - having a great attitude about getting out and about and taking advantage of everything that local business owners and organizations do to keep us entertained and fit really does pay off in fun times and great memories.  Try some out for yourself and comment here on the results!!


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